Web Designer in Panglao, Bohol

Your business in Panglao has no website yet?
Your website does not live up to the image that your activity deserves?
Your website is not mobile-friendly (responsive)?

I am a free-lance specialized in the making of professional websites optimized to display perfectly on all screens, and SEO friendly.
The solutions I propose are adapted to your budget, without any kind of monthly subscription or hidden fees.


Damien Mesnager,
website creator since 1999

Your business located in Bohol not present on the internet is NOT an option

How i can help ? Services i provide :

  • Website creation in english, french, italian
  • Debugging html, css, javascript, php
  • Monitoring, backup and maintenance of website
  • Update of website or intranet
  • SEO, content optimization
  • Responsive design (adaptive layout to all screen sizes)
  • Maintenance, security and repair of site WordPress
  • Shooting and Photo Editing

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My Services

Do you want to get a free quote for the creation, redesign or even referencing of your website on the town and around Panglao?
By working independently, I offer various services at fairly priced rates (based on my actual expenses) ranging from the making of your website, to the creation of an exclusive and customized design, until SEO. I can advise you on the ergonomics of your site, and the writing of your texts in order to optimize search engine.

Would you like to receive a free quote for the creation of your website near Panglao?
Contact me, Damien Mesnager, directly online
My first concern? Understand your needs in order to advise you on the technical and editorial issues specific to the Internet.
Purpose? Produce a visually appealing site, with easy navigation and offering added value to your customers or prospects, while being referenced so that people coming to Panglao find you easily.

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